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Ready for Your Next Home?
Dreaming about more space or the perfect retirement spot? You’ve probably wondered how much more home you can afford. At least part of the answer rests in the successful sale of your current home.


Well-priced homes that are compellingly marketed sell quicker for more money. Partnering with an experienced real estate agent is the best plan to get the most value out of your current home.

Setting the right price before you list is critical to getting the most for your home and selling it quickly. Having a professional with experience in your neighborhood prepare a Competitive Market Analysis gives you the facts and insights to set the right price.

Contact our office or one of our experienced agents to for a Competitive Market Analysis or to list your property.


Tips for Setting Your List Price

When thinking about selling a home, establishing a reasonable and, ultimately, profitable listing price is perhaps the biggest challenge that every homeowner faces. Go too high and risk getting priced out of the market. Setting it too low is an even bigger gamble. The professionals at Coldwell Banker Quality Realtors recommend taking the following steps before settling on an asking figure.

·         Choose the Right Sales Associate --View Our Agents Here
While 44 percent of home sellers, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, use a friend or relative's referral when selecting a sales associate, it is smart to interview a variety of prospective associates and invite them to show their listing presentations.  Because selling a home will require a lot of communication, the seller should ensure he or she connects with the sales associate’s personality. 

·         Take the Emotion Out of It 
While the seller likely has spent years in the home and takes pride in it, the sales associate will not set the price based on a seller’s emotion. Instead, the location, condition and size of the home will significantly impact the list price. A house in a secluded, exclusive area may be appealing to some buyers, while others will want to be closer to schools, shopping and health care facilities. What is the physical condition of the home? Is it a fixer-upper? Does it make a good first impression? Will it appeal to a growing family, or is it better suited to empty nesters? The sales associate will know the type of buyers who will be interested in the home.

·         Determine If It Is a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market 
Home inventory, mortgage interest rates and the economy play a role in determining whether the buyer or seller has a negotiating advantage. Interest rates remain at historically low levels even as the economy shows signs of improving, allowing buyers to be in a good position to shoulder the “good” debt of homeownership.

·         Do the Math
Do not forget to figure in closing costs, legal fees and other selling expenses when determining the selling price. After working with a real estate sales associate to get a Competitive Market Analysis and considering all the other factors, the list price will be set.

·         Give It the Once Over
But there is one more step in trying to ensure that the house sells for that price, or more. Do as much as possible to improve the home’s appearance: touch up the paint, fix leaks, seal any cracks, clean the home, eliminate clutter and rid the home of any pet odors. The house has only one chance to make a first impression.



Focus on Curb Appeal
To improve a home’s appearance, water and mow the lawn, trim the trees, cut back overgrowth and plant some colorful flowers. Also, properly store bicycles, gardening equipment, and children’s toys.  In addition, be sure the front door has a “welcome” feeling. A fresh coat of paint on the front door works wonders for a good first impression.

      Remove the Clutter:
Virtually all homebuyers are on the lookout for one thing – a clean, spacious home. Homebuyers tend to show less interest in an untidy home. A dirty home will likely mean a lower selling price. The two most important rooms in a buyer’s mind are the kitchen and bathrooms. Make certain these rooms are sparkling clean and in good condition. In addition, avoid overflowing closets or displaying too many family collectibles.

·         Make those Necessary Repairs:
Homebuyers will automatically expect all features in a home to operate safely and efficiently. If a buyer notices a number of problems, they may question whether the home has been cared for. Any faulty or outdated electrical outlets and wiring, furnaces and water heaters, along with leaking roofs and other plumbing concerns, should be repaired prior to putting a house on the market.

·         Eliminate Odors:
Make sure to take out the trash and empty ashtrays. Also be certain to bathe pets and clean drapes.

·         Work with your Sales Associate:  
Being objective is hard. So utilize your real estate sales professional to gain an even-handed appraisal of what improvements can and should be made. Sales associates have the experience and knowledge to help identify potential problem areas or to suggest necessary improvements that appeal to potential buyers.






















































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